How do I upload a video from Dropbox?

If your video is already online - such as on Dropbox - you can upload it directly into your Vidbeo private video hosting account from there. This is much faster as it saves you from first having to download that file (which will likely be quite large) to your computer’s hard drive, only to then have to upload it again (to us).

This has always been possible within our video CMS, however we have now made the process even easier. In the past you had to copy the video URL from the Dropbox admin panel and then copy it from there into our admin panel. This was a bit awkward, especially since Dropbox had a quirk whereby you had to add a ?dl=1 on the end of the video’s URL to make it actually download.

So we have now integrated Dropbox’s own tool - they call it the ‘Chooser’ - into our video platform. You can use that to select a file directly from your Dropbox, and then by simply clicking ‘Choose’, it can be copied into our system ready for transcoding.

Clicking the link to select the video (from the upload form) brings up Dropbox’s own window, which will let you choose the file. If you are not already signed in, you will be asked to sign in to Dropbox:

Select video from Dropbox

Once you have found the video, click on it and it will turn blue. Then simply click on the blue ‘Choose’ button:

Select video from Dropbox

You should see that their system tells ours where that file can be found. That link should be left unchanged. You can then provide a title (here we just used ‘Upload from Dropbox’) within the optional settings.

Click on ‘Proceed’ and our video platform will try and get the file from that URL. If it can, it will attempt to process it, and, if that is successful, it will appear in your video content library as usual.

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