Sign in to our online video platform and you should see an upload button in the top-right corner. Click that.

You should be prompted to choose a file or drag-and-drop one to that panel:

Upload a video

When you do, it should automatically start uploading. The progress bar should start to move. If the file is large or your connection is slow, it may take a while.

While it uploads, enter some details about the video. You should at least give it a title - you probably don’t want to leave it as the video’s raw file name. And maybe give it a description. And perhaps some tags too:

Upload video: metadata

If you have any categories, custom players or custom transcoding profiles previously set up, you will be asked to choose one of those too from their respective dropdown menus that will appear.

And you will be asked to choose a level of privacy for the video. The default is Unlisted which works well for most people. Any Public or Unlisted video can be watched if someone knows the link to them or has access to a page they are embedded on. We currently support:

  • Public
  • Unlisted
  • Private

What do they mean?


Set a video as public if you want anyone to watch it. We will add metatags to the embed code to let it be indexed by search engines and add social metadata for Twitter and Facebook.


We are a private platform and so don’t have a YouTube-style search page listing all videos uploaded by all users. So Unlisted perhaps seems confusing. We used this name to help with those users coming from YouTube. The difference between Unlisted and Public is that we don’t add metatags for search engines for these. As we figure you don’t want them indexed.


A private video can only be watched by someone who is authenticated. It adds a layer of protection for content you want to only be viewed by certain people. The viewer needs to have a valid cookie or JSON Web Token in their request. So they will need to have either signed in (to have a cookie be set) or have gone via an authentication process at your end (which would generate a JWT, signed with your own private key).

Having choosen your level of privacy, click the button at the bottom to save the video which submits it to be processed.

A video can take a while to be analysed and transcoded. It mainly depends on its duration. When it’s ready, you will see a thumbnail image taken from it appear in your Videos library. You can then click on that thumbnail to watch it, edit its details, or grab the share link/embed code.