To increase engagement you can display cards during a video. A card is used as a call-to-action and can be used to show a message to the viewer with a button to click. This is a very flexible feature in that you can decide what those overlays contain and therefore what they are used for.

It could show a message to inform the viewer that perhaps the video content is time-limited. For example, as this is an enterprise video platform, there may be videos that contain financial data that is only applicable for a period of time.

The button could link to a page on your site to find out more, or add it to their shopping basket.

To add such a call to action within our online video platform simply click on on of your videos. You should see a tab called Interactive. Clicking on that will show any cards currently due to be shown. You can easily add another by clicking the button there to do so. You then need to specifiy when it should be shown (the start and end times) and its content (the text, and the button’s text/URL). Save it, reload your player, and if embedded at a large enough size for the card to be shown, you should see it appear at your chosen time.

We have written a support guide with a basic demonstration of adding a call to action to a video. But if you have any questions, please get in touch.