Clickable video

Make interactive videos with clickable video

Our video platform’s HTML5 player supports displaying interactive content (also known as overlays). Normally these overlays are used for call-to-actions, or for information panels. However - by making them invisible - they act like ‘hotspots’ and as such have the effect of making the object they are positioned over clickable. When each (invisible) overlay on top of an item is clicked, a URL can be set to open, or a function ran.

Clickable, interactive video is most applicable to retailers, since a common use is to use the video CMS to position ‘hotspots’ over products featured within the video. If a viewer wants to find out more about one - or to buy it directly - they could click on that item and a corresponding action would then be taken by the site it was embedded on.

As part of our guide to increasing engagement using online video, we made an example clickable video, along with a guide How do I make a clickable video which you may want to take a look at.

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