To improve accessibility we recommend adding closed captions or subtitles to your video.

If you already have those (for example provided by an external agency) we support the popular WebVTT (.vtt) and SubRip (.srt) formats. You can upload that file, adding them to your video in seconds.

If not, it can be expensive to pay someone else to generate those subtitles, and time-consuming to do it yourself. We therefore support another method: we can use speech recognition/AI to automatically transcribe a video. Those subtitles can then be automatically added to your video, leaving you free to do other tasks.

Sign in to the dashboard, click on a video, and then on the Subtitles tab. You should see a blue button to add subtitles.

That panel first asks for their language. To get the best results, the AI needs to know the best language model to analyse the video’s audio track. We support most of the major languages. Usually it will be English (US).

Here you won’t be uploading a file. So you need to pick the option to transcribe the video:

Add subtitles in the video CMS

Note: There is an additional cost (per minute) for auto-transcription.

Submit the request. That will be queued in the background so you can get on with other tasks. The time the transcription takes will vary depending on load and the duration of the video, however most are completed within ten minutes. Once complete we will automatically add the generated subtitles to your video. They will appear available to select in the video player and be listed in the video’s Subtitles tab.

If you have any problems or questions please get in touch.