Use single sign-on

If you are using a SAML identity provider - either running on an in-house server, or using a commercial service like Centrify or PingIdentity - please read How do I configure single sign-on (using SAML)?. In this article we use Centrify’s ‘Identity Service’ as our identity provider, however the procedure should be very similar for your chosen system since SAML is an industry-standard.

Alternatively, if you are using Microsoft’s Active Directory AD (you will need the ADFS role installed on your server too), then please read How do I configure single sign-on (using ADFS)?. The procedure used to configure ADFS is quite different than other providers that simply use SAML.

At the top of both guides we have embedded a video showing the result: being able to sign-in to the Vidbeo admin panel without having to provide a password to us. The user’s authentication is handled by your identity provider.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected] as we will do our best to help.

Updated: February 9, 2015