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Responsive design Unlimited support Control access to features Create playlists Set video expiry date Tag your content Advanced analytics Export reports Ideal for e-commerce Brand the player Use your own images Video SEO Powerful APIs Two-step authentication Geo-restriction Upload to the Cloud Embed on your site

Bespoke development

If you need a channel for internal communication, a custom player, integration with a particular content management system or any feature we do not provide, please get in touch

We'd be delighted to work with you

Bespoke development

Access control

You can easily restrict who can view your content. Limit requests by country (geo-restriction), by IP address or using single sign-on

With HTTPS as standard, encryption at rest, and the option of two-step authentication when your users sign-in, we provide the security you would expect

Work from anywhere

The entire Vidbeo CMS is designed to be responsive, adapting its interface to fit the available space

This allows your users to work on their mobile, tablet or desktop

Detailed analytics

Detailed analytics

You can get data on how often your videos have been watched, from where, on what devices and how they have been engaged with. These reports can then be exported from the platform to view offline

The Vidbeo player can also send data directly to Google Analytics

Overlays or call-to-actions

You can easily position clickable overlays on top of your video. You decide on their size, position and appearance. When clicked, these can open a page or trigger an action such as 'add to basket'

You can make objects in your video clickable too: simply make the overlay invisible


Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Being ranked highly for certain words is critical for many online businesses. It is increasingly hard to stand out from your competitors with text search, however videos offer a different route to the top positions.

When using Vidbeo for hosting your business videos, you can easily generate a video sitemap to tell search engines where your videos are found. These search results tend to stand out more and hopefully attract more visitors:

Video SEO

We Heart Developers

Our RESTful Data API lets you incorporate Vidbeo within your own applications

We also have a Player API that can be used to control the video player

Both APIs are fully documented on our Vidbeo developers site


We want to make your life easier

Our intuitive filters make finding data or items simple, containing options to limit the returned results by date, or other attributes particular to that resource

If you ever get stuck, we provide unlimited, free and friendly support with all business video hosting packages


Share/preview URL

Each video is assigned its own short URL that can be sent to a client or colleague, or shared on social media

HTML 5 player

Our player is fully HTML5-compatible and as such supports adaptive streaming using either HLS or MPEG-DASH. It also supports DRM (Digital Rights Management). We handle this complexity for you

Since Vidbeo serves the same player to all devices, you are able to use the same Player API calls (for those users needing a more advanced integration) without having to use an alternative for Flash/HTML5

... and much, more more

We would love to have you join us. You can create an account for free and we have no contract or commitments

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  • Unrivalled supportUnrivalled support

    We provide unrivalled, unlimited support for free with every account to help you get the most out of the system.

  • Playlist managementPlaylist management

    Our interface makes it easy to quickly build a sequence of videos that play one after another.

  • TaggingTagging

    You can tag your videos and playlist to help categorise them.

  • API searchAPI search

    Our API lets you search your videos, images and playlists to quickly locate one.

  • Ideal for e-commerceIdeal for e-commerce

    Increase sales by using video. Embed a short video about a product including a link to buy it.

  • Advanced analyticsAdvanced analytics

    Our analytics help optimise your strategy by showing which content is most popular, on what page, at what time and on what device.

  • Export reportsExport reports

    You can generate reports from the analytics data we record that you can then download to share with your colleagues.

  • Use any imageUse any image

    The poster frame is the image your viewers see when the player first loads. You can upload any image, replacing the one we generate.

  • Responsive designResponsive design

    We recognise that with most people now consuming video content using mobile devices, it is vital your videos can be watched on them.

  • CaptionsCaptions

    We provide multiple-language captions and keyboard controls as standard in our player.

  • Bespoke developmentBespoke development

    If you need a personalised channel - for example to show your latest videos - please get in touch.

  • BrandingBranding

    You can show your logo in the player.

  • Assign rolesAssign roles

    You can control what your users are permitted to do by assigning roles.

  • Geo-restrictionGeo-restriction

    Restricting your videos so that they can only be watched from certain locations is simple and quick to do.

  • Cloud uploadingCloud uploading

    We offer cloud storage using Amazon Web Services.

  • Powerful APIPowerful API

    Our powerful RESTful Data API lets you access data from within your own systems.